Patties of Jamaica review

So I decided to try out Patties of Jamaica here in Indianapolis located at 5172 Allisonville rd, I decided to try the beef patties. As a real Jamaican I was hoping the beef patties was atleast good or taste like a real Jamaican beef patties or maybe a golden krust beef patty. The beef patties were horribly they or small and they are not crisp or full like they are suppose to. It taste like someone was attempting to make a Jamaican beef patty. The patties did not have enough meat in them, they are soft and filmsy. I love beef patties and this is the worst representation of Jamaican beef patty ever. I did not even try the other foods as I already know if you can't make beef patties then most likely the food is going to be just as bad. If you are looking for REAL Jamaican food wait untill you go on vacation to places such as Atlanta, Miami, or New York and look up Golden Krust, you will never be disappointed trust me. Indianapolis needs a Golden Krust, until then there is Patties of Jamaica for people who never had real Jamaican food before.