My take on the immigration laws

I personally think some of these laws are good and some takes things too far. But I believe no one should be jumping any boarder or sneaking into any country period, there are legal ways to get into a country and that is just wrong. Example if you break into or trespassing on someone house or property your expected to commit a crime, so why is it ok to break into a country, do you want someone to break into your house or trespass on your property? That is the way I look at it. The second is some of these immigrants come here to live off the government, not only that they sneak into the country but also living off the government and expect them to pay for their childbirths and get food stamps, to me that is just crazy. If you sneak in at least try and get yourself legal and stop crying. Work hard and get yourself together, don’t come and live off the country. You already get free education up to high school and other benefits so why do you want to exploit the rest? Several states passed their own immigration laws because they are tired of the abuse and the financial burden. If you sneak into any country it should be a crime, am sorry it’s just wrong, if you take advantage of the system for your own benefits that’s just wrong. Everyone can make find ways to support them self’s’ no matter where they are at, you just have to be knowledgeable. Suppose the U.S wasn’t there or any country to sneak in, what would you do? You would have to find ways to support yourself and your family. So with all the abuse on the system that is why states are acting this way, I don’t understand the complaining most of them already broke the law. So what are you complaining about? About not getting food stamps no more, not getting welfare? I urge all immigrants to stop complaining and get right with the law; things are only going to get worst.