h2o wireless is horrible stay away

this is an email I sent to h2o wireless "customer service"

h2o wireless is the worst ever, waste of my time and money. how hard is it to port over a number???? i called to port my number over the lady ported over the wrong number how do you port over the wrong number when i repeat the number 4 times. She ported over my call back number which is my other cell phone number ruining my other cell phone service, which i had to pay more money again to reactivate and re-port my number over. the sim card is then ruined now I had to buy another sim card and now my number can't be ported because i had attempted online to port it over with the same sim card she had ruined. i called multiple times they send emails to some unresponsive technical support that suppose to call me back but never did, i will post this email online so that every can can see how a poor service h20 wireless is never again i will even think about h20 wireless even if the service is free.