Sprint HTC Hero Review

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T-Mobile no longer has the exclusive market for Android devices in the United States with Sprint coming out with a real winner in the HTC Hero that passes up both of T-Mobile’s offerings. The HTC Hero from Sprint is the US CDMA version of the Hero that launched on GSM networks overseas in a form factor more like the T-Mobile myTouch 3G. Andrew had a chance to check out the Hero when it first launched and posted his first impressions. I’ve now spent over a week with the Hero and can say it is the best Android device I have used yet and my statement about the Hero meeting both user interface and functionality needs in a single device looks to be quite accurate. Check out my image gallery that shows the hardware and some screenshots, along with my video below. Unfortunately, one weakness of the Android platform is that screenshots are not easily captured on the device so my video shows more of the device in action than the screenshots.