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Michael Borner aka Mike B was born in Indianapolis, IN October 11, 1989. Raise in poverty, it wouldn't take long for him to take to the streets. At the age of 5 it was clear to his grandmother, Cheneta Stone, that he would be a tough one to raise. Attending school was not a problem for the young thug in the making. He made high honoral every grading period. It was what his gang involvement outside of school that would get him into repeated trouble. In the 3rd grade Mike was suspended for drawing a picture of a gun in art class. This would not be the last of his criminal suspensions. After returning from suspension, he would again be suspended for stealing money from a student and teacher. After serving a 10 day suspension, Mike seemed to be on a turnaround. Completing 4th grade with minor discplinary actions 5th grade year would be expected to be better. Before the end of 1st semester, Mike was arrested for arson and would spend 10 months in a anger management institute in Greenwood, IN. Clear to his grandmother that he needed professional help, she enrolled him in extracurricular activities. One of which would be a music lesson with a former music teacher from Mike's old school. Singing was his 1st take on music. Winning solo after solo and constantly being the best in all areas of singing, he was on a rise to be a star. Before the end of his 7th grade year, Mike fell to pneumonia and was hospitalized for 11days. Upon his release, doctors told Cheneta that her child's vocal chords were infected and it would be hard for him to pursue singing with such an infection. This would only push Mike Back into the streets. Taken in by Vice Lord's, Mike was blessed in as an official member of CVL. Knowing that he had something to prove to his new found clique, Mike would begin stealing, robbing, fighting, dealing drugs, and drinking alcohol. At the beginning of his freshmen year, Mike was involved in an in-school riot that would get him quickly noticed by police in and out of school. Due to lack of evidence, he was not suspended. But this did not mean he was off the hook. His house was under constant serveillance by local police. This would not keep him from his gang banging ways. At the end of Mike's freshman year, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Mike would not stick around to find out his consiquences. He fled home and remained on the run for 3 months before finally being caught during a parking lot brawl in a local Indianapolis west side neighborhood. Finally behind bars and facing 4 years in a department of corrections facility, Mike found a new hobby in jail. Rap. He begin writing poems for inmates to mail home to their love ones and slowly progressed into a lyrical genius. Constantly writing in every second of time he had, Mike got better and better at rap. After being found "Not Guilty" of aggravated battery, criminal mischief, and gang activity, Mike was released back into society. This time known as Conflict. "People at school started calling me Conflict cause of wat I had did that summer. To me I dont CAUSE conflicts, I AM conflict ya dig" He started recording January of 2007 under what was then "9Milli Music". J-Fame (Jason Trotter), D.O.N. (Brandon Wallace), and himself (Conflict), were known for their ability to colab better than any local artist. After a fued over power in the 9Milli Music Llc, Conflict would start what would seem like an everlasting "BEEF" with J-Fame. Diss track after diss track, Conflict would never fall to the lyrics of J. Now being known for his diss tracks and quick retaliation to beef, Conflict would go on to win nearly all beefs, battles, and fueds. Separating his self from 9Milli Music, he formed his own label known as G.A.M.E. (Get At Me Entertainment). After his 1st successful mixtape, "Old to a New Game" it is clear that his rise to be the best of all time is now. "G.A.M.E. stands for, ya kno, telling people to try and catch up. Try and be like me. Cuz in my eyes, I am the KING of Nap (Naptown). I don't see anyone worthy of the title but me. Thats where that came from". Now Conflict is one of the most known unknown artist in all of the midwest. Where will his fame end? Only time can tell.